Over the last three decades, American Vision at The Court has established a reputation for exceptional eye exams and has become known as metro Philadelphia’s place to go for the finest selection of designer name-brand eyeglasses and sunglasses. Best of all, from the moment you walk into our store, you are our guest, and treated as a person—not a number!  While we do have some of the most cutting-edge eyewear and lenses anywhere, we deliver it with old-fashioned friendliness. We have been serving the tri-state area for well over three decades and love seeing our littlest patients grow up, and then bring their children in—it’s a testimony to our unrivaled service and skills.  Join us and become part of the American Vision family, too.


Dr. Kirshner has been providing quality optical products and care to the people of the Philadelphia area since 1981.  American Vision at The Court is an owner-operated, independent retail location with all the benefits of a family-owned practice.

Get to know staff, our family…

Cindi Kirshner

For 15 years Cindi has worked alongside her husband — Dr. Gary Kirshner — managing and coordinating all aspects of the business with love and enthusiasm.  She knows just what frame to select for each customer and nails it every time.  Cindi was born with a sense for fashion; nothing makes her happier than a smiling face when a customer sees themselves with their new look for the first time. Our store is teeming with all sorts of shapes, trends and looks  from around the world that Cindi and Denise select during the countless hours they spend meeting with the eyewear representatives.

Denise Bonsera

A veteran of the optical business, Denise has been using her mastermind for creativity at the office since 2003. With 30 years experience, she’s part of the one-two punch (along with Cindi) in hand-selecting frames from optical vendors from all over the world. Denise has a unique talent in choosing the correct eyewear that bests suits the needs of every individual that enters the store. As an ABO Board-certified optician, your encounter with Denise doesn’t just end with a cool frame. Her skill with the latest in lens technology and her years of experience in properly adjusting eyewear will leave you with a most rewarding experience. Denise also keeps the store sparkling with intriguing and dazzling window displays.

David Shatley

David is a returning member to our American Vision family. His honesty, loyalty and precision to detail gives each patient confidence and comfort in their search for their next pair of fabulous frames. David has worked in the optical field for almost 30 years! He absolutely loves being a part of the ever-changing industry; whether it be in optics or the high fashion eyewear, clients never regret their time with him!

Robin Edelman

Robin has added her funky, unique taste as an optician and frame stylist at American Vision since 2006. Her eclectic and bubbly personality warms patients’ hearts. She loves to help each customer emote their fun, hip style that has perhaps been locked away in their inner self.  Robin’s passion to select your “perfect” eyeglasses and her welcoming attitude are reasons to refer your friends and family to become part of our American Vision family. Robin’s other expertise is working with our contact lens patients: whether you’re a first-time contact lens wearer or need a refresher course in the art of inserting, removing, or caring for your contact lenses, Robin is our go-to person for the task.

Tori Welder

The American Vision family is most grateful to have Tori on staff for almost 20 years. An ABO-certified optician, Tori has taken on the roll as our lab manager, amongst her many other rolls at American Vision. Patients adore her (as does the entire staff) since her passion and concern for excellence in any and all tasks that she tackles is palpable. Her knowledge of all optical products and her precision as an optician makes her one of the lab’s best. Many of our returning patients and customers enjoy asking for Tori, as they know they will get the best-fitting frame and correct alignment for comfortable vision and wear.

Diane Chernaskey

Diane has been part of the American Vision at The Court family since 2000. Another one of our ABO Board-certified optician superstars, she works in every aspect of our business. Her compassion and kindness make her the perfect person to be the first one greeting a caller. Whether scheduling appointments, researching your vision benefits or troubleshooting concerns you may have, Diane does it with ease and in a timely manner.  With over 30 years in the optical field, her greatest skills lie in her technical knowledge of frames, lenses and coatings. This expertise leads to a most rewarding customer experience.

Dr. Giulia Tinari

Having Dr. Tinari as part of the “family” for over 10 years has been an enriching and wonderful experience. Starting first as a frame stylist, she quickly became involved in every aspect of the optical business. This passion guided Dr. Tinari towards optometry school and poof!  After hard work, she is now Dr. Giulia Tinari seeing patients here at American Vision one day a week.

Dr. Tinari is very passionate about her career and intends to keep growing as a healthcare professional so that she can continue to offer high-quality eyecare, ranging from routine eye exams to medically-oriented visits, efficiently and compassionately.

Dr. Gary Kirshner

Dr. Gary Kirshner has been providing quality optical care and products to the people of the Philadelphia area since 1981. Owner of the independent retail store, he built his practice while maintaining all the benefits of a family-owned business.

Optometry allows Dr. Kirshner to integrate his love of physics and math into his career, while interacting with patients on a daily basis. Thirty-four years later, he is still invigorated coming to work every day.

Having second-, third-, and sometimes fourth-generation family members come through his office, Gary feels truly touched to know that these patients trust not only their eyesight to him, but the eyesight of their loved ones too!

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