American Vision at The Court offers a huge selection of eyeglass frames that are stylish and individualistic in their design. Unlike big-box stores and chains, American Vision meets with representatives from all of the frame vendors to hand select what our customers will need and enjoy. Above all, American Vision seeks out looks that are well-fitted and comfortable.

For many of our customers, their eyeglasses are one of their prized possessions, and we treat every transaction as if that were the case. Your eyeglasses are treated with the same love, respect, and loyalty as any other treasured item in your life. Every frame at American Vision at the Court is of the highest quality, giving you a look that is not only trendy but matches your personal style and optical need.

We source an array of contemporary, retro, and vintage eyewear from smaller and more exclusive manufacturers from around the world. We prefer to offer superbly designed and hand-crafted frames, as opposed to the mass-produced fashion brands so many other optical shops carry.

Not only will you find the optics to be as clear as possible, but the coatings designed to be non-glare, scratch-resistant, smudge-proof and UV-protective.

Customer service is the key to success at American Vision; we never want to rush our customers. With extensive product knowledge and years of experience to provide good, honest advice and support, we ensure that customers can make the best choice from our variety of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Here are just a few of the lines we carry:

Tom Davies – From handmade frames to luxurious materials such as buffalo horn, TD Tom Davies eyewear is for clients that know how important it is to look and feel good. There is no compromise when it comes to something so pivotal as one’s appearance.

Lindberg -Since it all began in Aarhus/Denmark in 1986, LINDBERG has revolutionized eyewear design more than once, and innovation and high quality are absolutely key to their business. LINDBERG’s collections are the most successful in the history of the company, pushing their number of international design awards up to a total of 77.

RES/REI- means “the thing” in latin. It means an existing object, with substance and form; but it also means a concept, an idea. A distinctive design coupled with excellent handmade production have helped to make RES/REI a brand recognized for quality and innovation. RES/REI’s focus is on blending craft and design. They make frames that are meant to last years and to age beautifully.

Francis Klein-Hand-made in France, with creative shapes and a wide- range of special colours, Francis Klein frames are famous all around the world. Sensitive fashionable people will find their pleasure in our collection.

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