We accept vision insurance.

We encourage you to thoroughly know what your plan provides, as every plan can be different.

Vision insurance is unlike any other type of medical insurance primarily because most patients will need to purchase eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. The product sits right on your nose for the whole world to see (and to see the whole world too) so we want that product to function correctly, as well as look good.

Does your plan cover the cost of eyewear 100%? Yes and No.

Most plans will cover the cost of the most basic product in lens technology and eyewear frames. But let’s face it, quality and personal style are important when it comes to something you wear every day.

Who wants their insurance company dictating limits to their vision or eyewear choices?

The good news is, however, that every Vision Care Plan will contribute greatly towards the price of the best glasses or contact lenses we provide and, therefore, greatly reducing your cost!

Here are some of the insurance plans we accept:



If you have a plan we don’t accept, we will work individually with you to help you save money just as if we did accept your insurance plan.

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