The world’s first intelligent progressive lens

 In Vision

Most progressive lenses today utilize a “one design” concept, which provides everyone with the same solution.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence has been specifically designed, utilizing consumer feedback, Big Data, and elements of Artificial Intelligence to ensure your visual experience aligns with your day-to-day visual needs.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence provides you with a progressive solution that is unique and optimally suited to your visual behavior (needs) and “Visual Age”, the physiological age of the eye (the required reading power), allowing for a personalized experience.

So rather than receiving a prescription solution that is the same as someone who is 10 years older that yourself, you receive a lens that is fine-tuned to your specific visual needs.

Step into the future of eyeglass lens technology with Shamir prescription lenses. Visit our knowledgeable, optical staff to provide the best lens options for you and your lifestyle.


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