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Independent eyewear brands always inspire with special stories. Because often the companies are somewhat smaller and the founders are still actively on board. This is also the case with the French brand FACE Á FACE. The founders, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, wanted to establish a modern and creative company in the 90s, which does not have to follow a precisely predefined pattern. And that is exactly how the brand is positioned today – uniquely.

The specific positioning, which one immediately understands when looking at the product range, is no coincidence. Thus, the designer Pascal Jaulent, the creative mind behind the designer eyewear brand from France, has a special life path behind him.

And with the resulting special perspectives on life, he has had a strong influence on the brand. For example, Jaulent has always harbored a keen interest in social issues or ethnology and actually wanted to become an urban planner. He ended up combining the themes of design, architecture and art through the glasses.

Face A Face
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