Vision Insurance

We Accept Vision Insurance

We encourage you to thoroughly understand your vision plan benefits.
Vision insurance is unlike any other type of medical insurance because it has so many variables.

Does your plan cover the cost of your eyewear 100%? Yes and No.

Most plans will cover the cost of basic lens technology and eyeglass frames. But let’s face it, quality and personal style are important when it comes to something you wear every day.

Who wants their insurance company dictating limits to their vision or eyewear choices?

The good news is that every Vision Care Plan provides financial benefits toward the price of our exceptional glasses or contact lenses and therefore reduces your “out-of-pocket” cost significantly.

We primarily work with Vision Service Plan (VSP), and are also in network for DAVIS VISION and Aetna. If you are unsure of your vision plan, contact the member phone number on the back of your card or call us and we will try and help you sort it out.

If you have a plan we don’t accept, we can offer assistance with our out-of-network benefits policy.

Call us for details 610-265-3800